51 Days Without Smartphone

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51 Days Without A Smartphone : The Inward Journey, is an adventurous journey of a man who needs to sort out his life, which is at a crucial stage. Seemingly small, but so big in itself is this modern electronic device called Smartphone. Author shares how badly he was caught in the jaws of this device and shares the reasons why he decided to stay away from the smartphone, and what exactly he wanted to achieve by staying away from the smartphone. In modern times, it is almost impossible to stay away from the smartphone, because every aspect of our daily life is connected with this revolutionary electronic device. Author successfully develops faith in readers that it is possible to stay without a smartphone in modern times as well. He honestly shares how his body and mind reacted throughout this period when he was not using a smartphone. The best thing about this book is that the author does not go much into the detail-oriented technical aspect of smartphone addiction. He shares his daily experience and revelation which are directly connected with the emotions of people who have progressive thinking. Author has successfully made one intention clear that he is not trying to teach the readers any moral lessons in this book, nor he is attempting to judge anyone. He puts his scenario open to read for everyone and leaves the rest of things on the minds of readers. He suggests that staying away from the smartphone can work like a remedy, which would help improve different aspects of our personality like relationships, life-goals, self-satisfaction, spirituality, etc.

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