7 Steps To MBA

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This book is a easy DIY (Do It Yourself) guide for the MBA aspirant. It details the DIY path for the MBA aspirant right from the first step i.e. decision of doing an MBA to the seventh step i.e. Campus Placements or Entrepreneurship. It is written in simple and easy manner. This book motivates the reader to participate as it involves not just reading, but market research, calculations, creating project plans and FMEA using the DIY tables in the book. It also contains published blog entries of the author to give vibrance to the topics being discussed. The book also features a fictitious character called Lucifer and his jokes are scattered throughout the book for comic relief. The book also contains interviews of various individuals who have done their MBA in India, abroad, Entrepreneurs, HR personnel and also Member of Board of Governors at a B School. Additionally interviews of individuals who have not done their MBA are included to get a different perspective.

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