An Honest Guide to English

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About book. This book is an attempt at course correction not only in the field of English language coaching but also for the greater good of education in India. Our education system has become a slowly decomposing machine running on the fuel of rote learning and cramming. This dilapidated state of affairs in the field of education is being fully exposed by the performance of our students in various English language proficiency tests of international standards. Any quest for learning and any curiosity for knowledge is snuffed out in an efficient manner by systematic discouragement and snubbing of any original questions. This book tries to help chart a blueprint for those who wish to pursue English language coaching as a carrier. The ideas discussed herein are not linear, these are just some postulates that would enable a language coach to better understand and empathise with his/her students. Thus helping them help their clients in a better manner. Here’s hoping that this book can help either circumvent or flush clear the choked up channels of learning and creativity prevalent in an overwhelming majority of our students. The idea behind this endeavour is to try and achieve a better connection between learning and learners to achieve holistic learning, true knowledge and an enriching life experience.

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