Artificial Intelligence for Anyone

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The term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” has been around since the mid 19th century, and a lot has changed since then. AI is ubiquitous today and is the present and the future of business as well as our home life. In this context, ‘Artificial Intelligence for Everyone’ equips you with a fundamental, timely grasp of AI and its impact on our daily lives. The book provides you a non-technical introduction to important concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other technologies that enable AI to solve many complex human problems. The author uses his research experience to detail the steps involved in building an AI system and shared the best practices to be followed. The book also describes how AI can add value to every industry and detailed various opportunities to explore. In addition to it, the current AI capabilities of tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and similar are detailed to strengthen your prowess on the subject. The challenges ahead, the misconceptions, and the threats are explained to conclude.

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