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Parenting has been evolving since time immemorial. The way parents used to raise their children, may be a century ago, must be significantly different from what it was two centuries ago or three centuries ago. Now with everything changing so fast, parenting styles are also changing rapidly in their concepts and applications. What worked fifty years ago or even thirty years ago may not work today. The parents are different and the children are different. Various cultures have different meanings of the similar behaviours by parents or children. Parents’ aspirations and desires from their children are influenced by the time period and socio-culturural environment they live in. In some parts of Maharashtra, especially Solapur, babies are thrown from some good height, appx 14 meters, and relatives of the parents hold a bed-sheet below for babies to land on. This appears completely dangerous but fortunately there have been no casualties since this tradition started some 450 years ago.

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