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Change must come within: RETREAT WITHIN TO RETREAT YOU Change yourself to change your outlook towards the world. If we truly need to encounter life to its fullest, change must originate from inside. The present reality is running in an extremely quick and fast pace, where there are a lot of changes externally. We have climbed externally a great deal. Our lives have changed completely because of the headway of innovation. The world has gotten little. We can speak with anybody on the planet. We have now choice of best brands accessible in all pieces of the world. The telephones we use to speak with others, the way dress ourselves, they way we deal with our haircut, our food habits everything is changing in relentless way. However, if we don’t have a clue how to change ourselves from inside, we won’t have the option to capitalize on what we have. We all are hoping to have and separate some delight, some joy, some happiness, some satisfaction, and some fulfillment out of what we have. Yet, so as to get the large portion of what we have, outside changes won’t help us. We have to bring change from inside. All the blessed books, wisdom books regardless of religious beliefs pass on a similar message that ‘CHANGE MUST COME FROM WITHIN’. Just when we bring the change inside, we can encounter genuine happiness.

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