Develop The Attitude

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What is sales? For some it is mindgame, for some it is art, for some it is even a great example of behavioural science while for some it is a psychological case study. However, for me, selling is nothing but your attitude. Sales is all about channelling aspects of your attitude to meet the prescribed goal.
Before moving further, let me introduce myself.
I Head the Business Development of one of the top 4 FMCG brands in India. I have been fortunate enough to receive this prestigious position at a rather young age in my eventful life. For your surprise, I am not an MBA graduate from any of the top B schools in the country. The crux of education, including a degree like MBA, is the transfer of knowledge which any institution can potentially enable seamlessly. This is why I say, learning never stops and the best way to learn is to share your knowledge.
Talking about sharing knowledge, I believe gratitude is equally share-worthy. So, let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the enablers of this book.

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