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“Do you love your child?” I asked. “Oh Yes! Of Course…” pat came the answer from the father who sat there wondering why on earth a person would ask such a silly question to a parent. “Do you love your father?”, I asked his teenaged son. “Ummmm… Hmmmm…. wait a minute… ummmm… yes. I think so…” answered the teenager, bewildered that he was just caught off guard not by the question, but by the answer he just gave. I looked at them, both of them too shocked to even react. I smiled at them and said. “Good, you guys came. Sometimes a little fine-tuning is necessary”. And our together journey began. “Do You love Your Child” is an exhaustive book with complete A to Z of parenting. Handy and practical tools to finetune the relationship between you and your child lay waiting to be discovered. Humourous, yet hard-hitting, subtle yet thought-provoking, candid yet deep, this book is a compelling read on positive parenting. The worksheets after every chapter compel you to introspect, resulting in affirmative course corrections. A true gem in the genre of parenting, the book will guarantee a fun-filled journey with your kids enjoying and savouring every moment spent with them. Afterall what remains are those precious moments once these birds leave the nest. Pick up this book to make your parenting journey stress free, interesting, fun-filled and unagitated.

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