Dollar to Rupee

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The thought of serving my country was not a new for me! The idea has been there since my childhood and has continued to grow with me. Upon reflection, I can’t deny that listening to my elders’ recount tales of India’s greatest freedom fighters had a tremendous impact on me. These stories, coupled with the annual television programs that aired on August 15th, India’s Independence Day, and January 26th, India’s Republic Day, evoked patriotic feelings deep within my soul. Despite having the unwavering desire to one day better my country; I was still very uncertain about doing so. To gain some clarity, I beseeched multiple individuals across various sectors of society to share their insight on the matter. Most were kind enough to give suggestions to help me accomplish my goal, albeit with further consideration it was clear that their ideas were not feasible in the long run. Others were sarcastic and labeled me as a “true patriot” and didn’t even bother to give any recommendations or guidance. With time, I realized there was no point in discussing my ideas with people, who are not inclined with my line of thought as it is simply a waste of my precious time. I decided it would be better to instead devise a plan to implement my own ideas to reach the goal. As you continue to read, you will find more details of my journey. We never know; maybe after reading this book, you will also be inspired to serve your country like I was. It is possible that your innovative ideas can be living proof for future generations to follow. But first, before you begin learning my story, let me introduce myself. I am Sahithi, a software engineer by profession. Welcome to my life. May the bits and pieces of my experiences from life that I share in this book prove valuable to.

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