Friend and a Ferrari

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Is your childhood friend still your best friend?? “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart” -Elisabeth Foley. Ridhima a twenty eight year old proved that the “Broken girls blossom into warriors”, by entering into the first ever woman Formula One Race, in this so called real world. Being lonely was never an issue for her but her life has become very challenging when her husband Suhas gave up with her. Nonetheless she never gave up on her passion. Her childhood friend Sara played a vital role in her success, she was like a pillar of support for her in every step. Her eyes are eagerly waiting to see her friend Ridhima lifting the Brazilian Grand prix Trophy. Is this going to be that much easy? When Abhay Ram, a young talented game developer, once comes to interview her, he is completely drawn into her world, to his own surprise he realised that he fell for her again but he knew that relationship between them cannot be worked out due to her past. Does he give up on her? Will she accept, if he expresses his feelings to her? It’s a big puzzle for him. Love strikes us at a very peak time. So will the time bind them together? A Spine-chilling tale of rushing formula one racer, and a selfless friendship, which will not only make you to fall for car race, but it makes you believe in friendship once again like you never knew it before.

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