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A woman’s love is not a wine in a bottle….
It’s an elixir that rules the world !

Aryan, a whizz-kid from New Delhi has topped the reputed Engineering entrance exam with Rank no. 1 and he joins a top-notch engineering college.He met with Ananya at the college fashion show. She aspires to become a successful model.

Aryan got bowled over by Ananya’s hot drop gorgeous looks and nice as pie attitude. His seniors,batch-mates,friends and elder brother tried hard to advise and instruct him to have a successful ‘love affair’ with Ananya.

Still, he failed miserably fifteen times and he was unable to express the three magic words to her. In the meantime,Aryan helps Ananya to achieve the success. Also, he unravels the troubled past of her. It makes him unravel the true meaning of love.

What it means to be in a love affair.Could he find it?

Would he be able to solve the chinese arithmetic called love?

How did Uncle David as his Godfather help him in his endeavour?

Could he find the real meaning of love?

Which circumstances make him a rebel in Ananya’s love?

Quotes from the book –

“Two people can’t love each other , only their soul does!”

“Love empowers you… if not so, you are really not in love!”

“loneliness tastes like wine, and it intoxicates the human mind in a similar fashion!”

“Rejection never means denial. It means that one needs improvement.”

“He gave me new gifts every month that helped my heart buy his dreams so easily!”

“Heartbreaks and break-ups show the inner side of a person. Embrace them happily”.

” A day after a breakup teaches a lot more than a year of love. It’s like a time travel machine. It needs life to understand love until you have a breakup”

“Love yourself first before getting lost in love!”

“The soul doesn’t have a voice of its own, but it speaks a lot when you are sad or heart-broken”.

“Love that makes you forget, even yourself is just an attraction. It’s not love. I thought at that time. Since then, I ignored the signals of the heart and followed my mind.”

“Aryan, Love becomes pure when it empowers both of you and that only makes true love”.

“A wounded girl with scars and wounds at her heart and soul will never appreciate the roses of valentine’s day by an amateur lover like me. She needs a character of a man strong enough to connect with her soul and let her heal”.

Bromance is the perfect anti-dote of a break-up.

List of Chapters

1. Love Infection
2. An Imperfect Date
3. Love Vs. Bromance
4. Connecting the Dots
5. A Girl with Scars
6. Paris fashion show
7. Two Birds in a cage
8. A Fish in a Pond
9. Stronger than Ever
10.My Uncle’s Wisdom
11.Fear of Fall
12.Breaking the Cage
13.Now a Celebrity
14.A Friend indeed

— The Beginning —

The shabby, worn-out door has a unique nameplate engraved on it – ‘Sherlock Holmes at work: Do not disturb’. When you knock at it, you will be disappointed exactly like us, who get disappointed on proposing to any girl of this college on a Valentine’s Day.

Neither do the bell at the extreme left side of the door will do any favour to you as it has the ghost of a shy one-sided lover and it will not entertain you nor the hard-pressed knocks at the door would have any considerable effect.

But, just step five or six steps backwards from the door, summon the aggression……

From the Memory Lane

It is said- Honesty is the best policy. But, I would like to add something to it…Friendship and honesty are the best policy. It helps us in getting success in any relation without remorse and guilt. Life is short, don’t waste time in ruining a relationship, instead of it; try to build rock-solid relationships on the ethos of friendship.

True love always keeps us empowered and blessed. There can’t be true love without the essence of friendship into it.

Good Luck & thanks..

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