How to Sharpen Your Interview Skills

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In the new world order of job opportunities, you are likely to be interviewed/interacted a number of times in your career life-span from an intern to a CEO. Thus, Interviews are a part of life, and its only natural that you develop an attitude to win at it, come what may. In a crisp, easy-to-read conversational style, this book will help you with essentials that will make you ‘Stand Out of the crowd’ when you appear for interviews. Lt Col Prem Vas, as an Armed Forces Instructor and an established Corporate Leader in HR, has squeezed the essence of winning interviews in a no-nonsense content having done countless interviews. The book is not the usual run-of-the-mill interview books, but has refreshingly new content on: – Perceptions of the experience of interviewer & interviewee. – The ‘secret’ that is responsible for excelling in an interview. – Mastering the art of preparation for an interview. – Nuances that ensures you have an ‘edge’ over others during the interview. – The essential follow-ups that creates your ‘visibility’ in the mind of the interviewer. – Check-lists for an interview and on preparing a Resume’/CVs and with QR Code to capture it on devices. – A dedicated chapter on handling finer aspects of ‘virtual interviews’ – the new normal ! – A chapter is on pearls of wisdom from CEOs & CHROs of ‘what they look for’ in interviews and ‘what puts them off’! Keeping in view the current scenario of the world-wide pandemic, the content is modified suitably to adapt to the changing world order.

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