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Through this book we take a distinct look at the construct of a leader. A leader is as human as any of us. And each one of us is a born leader. It is the extent of manifestation of the qualities and the acquisition of Life Skills to be a true leader that varies. The reading of this book will distinctly serve to deconstruct and delayer a leader of the invincible, invisible, imaginary shield. It is an effort to shed some light on the humane aspects of a leader. This will make us all proud of self and strive to be a leader in our own right. It would be no surprise if each of us begin to pride in our self and our capabilities. A sincere and grounded approach with anecdotes and events that would seem our own. intentionally, the book is positive toned because a true leader is always positive and action oriented. This book would help each reader to take charge of ones own life. If you lead yourself, you can lead the world. But remember its all about people.

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