Learner to Earner Secrets

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This book is for everyone who is ambitious and want to achieve something big in their career. You want to earn lot of money and respect in your life but at this moment you might be feeling helpless and confused. You have spent years and years studying, spent large sums of hard-earned money of your parents in order to make your career. You have your own dreams and desires, you want to bring positive change in your life, want to support your parents, who love you so much that they sacrificed a lot for you, without even mentioning that ever. You want to put one step ahead from stage of being learner to earner. Learning never ends throughout the life, but once you finish your formal education, this is the time you want to take responsibilities, want to be independent, and start a new phase in your life. But, you might not have clear idea about how and from where to start, overThe book Learner to Earner is going to make your journey from College to Corporate a cakewalk, which otherwise could be depressing, challenging, time-consuming and demotivating. In This book my purpose is not only to focus on giving tips and sharing techniques on how to crack the interview, but also equal emphasis has been given on how students can stand out of the crowd, and find job opportunities online and offline, by conventional and modern ways. I have kept the language as simple as possible, so anyone with basic knowledge of the language can easily comprehend and implement the knowledge gained. At the end of every chapter, there is an action exercise to help you pave the way towards success, by completing the exercise you will be implementing the learning from the chapter. By this book my purpose is to make sure whoever reads it in the final year of college and implement the advise will have multiple job offer even before graduating or within three months of reading the book. So read this book and keep implementing the tips shared to kick start your career in your dream company. All the Best!

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