Live Life Soul Size

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The idea for penning down my thoughts into this book grew as I realized that it’s not only me who is gaining immensely by leading an aware and conscious life and by practicing small changes in my day to day life, but it is also bringing enormous results for people around me. I was benefitted immensely by augmenting the spiritual quotient in me. Thereby, I decided to share my experience with my near and dear ones with whom I was in regular conversation with, and witnessed positive changes in their lives too. Spirituality is a vast subject to be understood and perceived by common man. This is barely an introduction to this wonderful ocean of knowledge from my humble understanding and perspective of it. I decided to write this book with the hope that, I will be able to reach many more people and they will benefit from this wonderful journey that will make their lives more beautiful and worthwhile. This book attempts to share some easy to use techniques that can be implemented in our daily routine for making it a soulful living. I have tried to explain spirituality in a fairly simple way, which is neither restricted to anyone, nor is difficult to practice. I have tried to demonstrate through my own experiences the benefits I have personally received, and with the intent that if I can do, everyone else who has a desire to live a happy, peaceful and conflict free life can do this as well. This book will help to see life from a “Simplicity” perspective rather than making it complex, which, as humans, we all have the tendency to do. Life is simple, it’s our thoughts that make it complex, and here is my attempt to help breaking complex things to simple. If I have done my job well, I hope to inspire and encourage some of you to consider “Spirituality” as a way of life and continue to practice and delve much deeper well beyond the pages of this book.

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