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I have been working to improve my knowledge in learning about the mind. I love to help others and be a booster in achieving their goals. However, the actual process started only once I have started my Neuro-Linguistic Programming practice. During the learning and practice I have understood that there are strategies for every deed an individual does. And if that can be organized in a systematic pattern, it would act as a catalyst to reach one’s destiny.
During this process, I have got an idea of restructuring. For example, if I have a habit of procrastinating my work for no specific reason (that I know) and I also display anger instinctively and intuitively on everyone. Then, if I am able to apply my strategy of procrastinating and replace with the strategy of displaying anger, that would help me procrastinate my anger, so that I can build better relationships, and take the strategy of instinct feeling angry and place it at other areas where I am procrastinating, It would help in completing my work. This would lead to complete all my work without delay. This would actually produce fantastic results.

Most of the world is significant that ‘Procrastination’ is not a positive deed, so in general many individuals try to overcome it and I have a different opinion of approach towards the act of Procrastination. We can make it an art form of us and treat that as a weapon to complete all our tasks. Some times by avoiding it and some other times by using it in a different area of the task and so on. Do you get a question about how and why? Let us get into details inside the book!!!
This book has details of procrastination at every possible scenario with examples and solutions.
•Each chapter has a glimpse of the scenario that is related to the chapter name
•A story related to the topic of chapter
•My view on that scenario

Enjoy Reading!!!

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