Recoding Health In Times Of Covid 19

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The book is written to draw people”s attention to their health and how they can make a concious and informed effort in following a healthy lifestyle and thus prevent diseases. It is , also an attempt to promote a healthy way of life from the beginning in their children and that is how early the concept of health should be ingrained in our lives. Prevention should be understood as a way of thinking in all aspects, be it daily habits, financial planning and managing health and disease , in life. One must priortize health in all life choices and the rest shall be taken care of , for if health is lost everythong is lost. The book is my way of reaching out to people in times of covid , when the mantra should be “Less is More” and looking back at the events , Prevention ,in all life choices, seems to be the only cure. And ,we should opt for it from here onwards to live well and face crisis with less set backs.

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