Ron’s Best Gifts Ever (Five Gifts That Shaped My life)

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A family of British descent resided in Dehradun. Ron, the only child in the family, finds tough to cope up with study & relationships. The strained relation with his father took him closer to his grandfather nicknamed by him as ‘Dadu’. The mischievous Ron finds a best friend in him. The bond grew stronger with time. His grandfather had given him five gifts on his consecutive birthdays. He partners with him in daring adventures filled with mystery & thrill. His inquisitive self finds confidence in the fictional fantasy equipped short stories told by Dadu. Ron’s mischiefs & pranks add colours to Dadu’s boring life. Ron relates every adventure and story to the five gifts given by Dadu. He appreciates the meaning of life in them. It helps him in decoding the secrets of success & handling relationships. It shaped his thoughts & life which had made him excel in his studies & career. List of chapters: 1. Getting closer to Santa 2. Cracking the Glass museum code 3. The secret of Robber’s cave 4. World of Zombies 5. The Time-machine 6. A wise Peculiar Rabbit 7. Mysterious Girl from Andaman 8. A cursed violin 9. Technical Bermuda triangle 10. A complete Hero 11. The next Entrepreneur 12. The secret of the smiling mirror 13. A handshake that changed the world 14. Embrace the Santa 15. Short-lived sculptures 16. Memories

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