Sangharsha संघर्ष

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This book is the whole inspirational life journey based on my mother (Asha Vishnu Phand) and Father (Vishnu Ramchandra Phand). Also, how they struggled, hard worked & many failures they saw and came across though there life journey. They always things about children future & to become a better responsible citizen in all aspect of life. As parents always strive to make there kid’s lives better before they come in this world and continue to do that till the last breath of their life. Parents spend money to fulfil all the children needs right from childhood. They provide the best education possible and sometimes go beyond their limits to give better opportunities. Always parents curb all their freedom of choices for us. It can be freed to take a job their heart desires, to live in the city they like, to pursue their hobbies, to spend money the way they want. However, they give up all the choices for us.

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