Speak to Reach Peaks

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“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” –RALPH WALDO EMERSON Public Speaking is an Art. Only a great Listener can become a great Speaker. It is not an integral talent accustomed at birth. It is attained with thorough practice and passion. Public speaking is not something that is available only on Mars. Indeed, there are millions of public speakers all around us. Public speaking is just convincing the listeners in the best possible way. Even a salesman at our doorstep is good at it. But, it is exceptionally achieved out of hard work and practice. One of the famous legendary speakers Mr. Steve Jobs is known for his great communication, natural, authentic and charismatic onstage look. But, did you know that Mr.Steve Jobs also suffered from communication anxiety just like anyone else? Being comfortable speaking in front of an audience definitely takes a lot of time, effort and practice. After reading this book, it will be clear to all the aspired-to-be Public Speakers that Public Speaking is as easy as eating a pastry; if certain tips and techniques are practiced. We proudly present this book to the ‘up-to-date’ generation that always look up to the latest reforms rather than compromising with the ancient techniques. Here we go!

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