Storyize Your Message

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Storytelling has moved from granny’s lap and bedtime treats to the Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Sales Pitches, Business Interactions and Training arenas. We increasingly use story-izing to Influence, Engage and Inspire, to ‘Humanize Corporate Speak’. In the competitive world of today, we have the need to move ahead, be heard, accepted, bought-in. How do we make our voice heard amidst the crowd, and elevate our Impact and Influence? How do we become CAPTIVATING COMMUNICATORS, even as we pursue our professions such as Accounting, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Teaching, Consulting or Business? Does it have equal relevance to Child Rearing or Home Making? Welcome to the world of metaphors, anecdotes and storytelling. Use time-tested and proven techniques to get your points across swiftly, surely and seamlessly. Make your points memorable, sticky and convicing using the SCIENCE and ART of Story-izing Your Message. Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan is an International Story Teller with over 30 years of Corporate Experience in Business Development, Strategy and Execution Excellence. Padmakumar has travelled to over 20 countries on business and established country level teams and alliance partnerships as a part of Go-To-Market strategies for various products and services. His comfort with multiple cultures and the opportunity to experience those from close quarters provides him a unique edge in building long and trusted relationships.

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