That Girl in White Dress

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Gautam, a 21 year old young man falls in love with a 17 year old teenage girl in dramatic circumstances that expose the glaring realities of class divide in the society. The power of money and position at its best display. Will Gautam and Adya live happily ever after? What are his stakes? Will Adya be able to endure all this? What are the contributions of other relationships in Gautam’s transformation? Who is the source of Adya’s conviction? Can a girl make a strong decision? What pains she has to endure? A Saga of Love, Friendship, Grit and Sacrifice You are the Future, You are the past You are the youth; The liner’s mast Believe in yourself, World is at your feet Think about the nation, it’s your easy feat Love your body, Love your mind You are the most developed kind Who said you can’t, topple the universe With blink of an eye, with your lovely verse You set examples, you drive the crowd You decide the rains, you form the cloud Life for many is unrewarding and unfair. But this notion is only for the indolent lot. Those who swear to themselves that they are ready to change the course of rivers turn out to be the game changers. Everyone has an Adya in his life and everyone can be a Gautam. The only trait required is to maintain the propensity to keep up the fight with the circumstances. It is time to gear up and gird up our loins to fight against the odds.

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