The 5 Principles of Successful Project Delivery

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Projects are Loosing Rs 3.9 Crore as cost overrun: Can we use some systemic innovation as a springboard to tackle the challenges facing project today? To explore a answer to above painful question we tried discover a innovative/creative solution through many live field experiments with many project teams ,and based on our field work we were able to dig out following five key enablers/drivers (Five Jewels) yielded excellent results in complex project delivery systems. Unified and focused Project Priority based on latest information. Proactive Dynamic risk mitigation through telescope vision and project look ahead lead measure (Forward looking Early warning ) Single source of truth for all stake holders using dynamic common score board. Faster decision making based on High level of Project Visibility Integrating system to drive all Key enablers /key Drivers These enablers has been converted into a working 5 Principle of project delivery framework and excellent breakthrough has been achieved in addressing major challenges of conventional project management system. This also created a new vibrant innovative and collaborative simplest project delivery solution focused to create project mind with new culture with win win approach for all stakeholder. 5 Principle of project delivery framework is proven silver bullet , it always works, for a current project management system.

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