The Courage To Love

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Love is more than a beautiful feeling, which can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Sometimes we realize it, sometimes we don’t. Infact we all fall in love in our journey of life. Many of these love stories are not fairy tales. We do not get everything we want. Not everyone is fortunate to get back the same affection he/she has for the other. While some love stories remain unexpressed. But the journey called life is long; it has more to offer as we move on. “The Courage to Love” is one such story. In life we meet so many people. Many come and go, while some influence the rest of our life. My life is one such journey which is influenced by some who came and went and some who are still with me. However this book is a work of fiction. But some people and some real incidents incorporated with my imagination and interpretation create affections and conflicts in the story. Rahul is looked as an eligible bachelor. He is handsome, rich and polite. He is set to get married to a beautiful girl, Soumya. She is modern yet traditional. She has always believed in arranged marriage. Meeting Rahul has strengthened her belief. But the fact is she doesn’t know much about him. Everyone has a past, so has Rahul. If she comes to know about his past will it change things between them, also given the fact that Sweety is already in his life? Whatever happens you will find it out as the chapters unfold. I hope you enjoy revealing the story on your own. Lots of love and wish you happy reading!

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