The Old-Fashioned Parenting Book

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“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” This quote by Anaïs Nin encapsulates in essence, my endeavour in writing this book. Besides trying to ‘taste my life’ for the second time, there were a couple of incidents that triggered my motivation to write. I had volunteered to undergo the Interviewing Officer’s Course at the Defence Institute of Psychological Research in 2019. As part of the training, I was interviewing some school students. During the course of the interview, a class XII student told me that her parents do not love her. I probed further, and she said, “My parents are well off; they buy anything that I ask for, but they do not have time for me. They are always busy with their office work”. This incident got me thinking. When parents do not have time for their children, how do they ensure the right upbringing? There must be many other parents like hers. How can I reach them? When these children grow up, they can carry emotional baggage and become disgruntled citizens. In the absence of correct upbringing, the child is unlikely to grow up to be a good member of society, who can contribute positively and constructively. All of us would like to live in a society where each one respects the other; a society where everyone is happy, healthy, motivated, law-abiding, helpful, and trustworthy. This is not something impossible. We cannot leave it to the government. We can make this a reality. We will have to make a beginning with our own family. I am sure these thoughts must have come up in your minds at some point in time. Many of us may be doing their bit.

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