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We all go through bad times in life. But do we realize that nothing is permanent, neither the bad times are. If it’s that obvious where does the problem lie, why we not able to cope up the stress of painful rough phase, even though we somewhere have the insight that it is temporary. The actual problem is that in our lives, we can get so caught up in the negative painful emotions that we lose sight of the fact that this pain is only temporary. It is not what we are here for, we are born to succeed it is the success that we are fighting for, this pain is only the part of journey to success.
“The pain” – is a sincere effort to guide the way, out of painful emotional states and set beliefs that pull us back in life. The book intends to connect between the science, the nature, the human mind and the inner human being. This book has been written after immense research and author’s personal experiences with himself and his patients. This book provides you step by step guidance and the tools to achieve what you desire. It is about how a change in your thought pattern leads to a change around you.
We are born in a scientific era and have well developed logical brains. We always look for a scientific explanation of the things; our mind is not satisfied until it has a valid scientific logic to do so. And when we talk about healing the subconscious mind, controlling or altering the emotions, paying attention to our thoughts. You feel it is the path of spirituality, and we think it is a tough way, you need to give up your worldly pleasures, change your lifestyle and food habits a lot. It is not always that if you can understand the science behind spirituality and the logical explanation of acts of spirituality. Your rational mind then accepts it, and you experience the shift towards healing yourself.
As you start reading the book, we talk about, we talk about the pain, that you feel physically or mentally, why is it necessary, what’s the message pain has in it, how it triggers a change in you? In our conquest to heal the mind, you understand what is it that needs to be healed? Then we start a journey trying to solve the link between spirituality and science. As we begin, we explore the realm of Quantum science, how it explains experimentally, and the correlation between what we perceive and what we don’t. How is the whole universe connected? It is the same energy which controls the functioning of this infinite universe, that also controls the minutest operation inside our body.
You further understand how we are victims to our perceptions, how a repeated behaviour brings out the same results and why we are stuck in a miserable state, and why it continues to be the same. And if the present state is again painful, and we maintain the same thought pattern future still will be painful and predictable. You need to break this chain, you need to change?
The second part of the book is all about the change. What change do we desire in our lives, the difference we thrive for. What is the language of the conscious and subconscious brains? How to use the language as a tool to learn the perceptions and how to bring about the change? We shall discuss and unravel the science behind meditation and learn the art and explore the process of change. How to rewire the subconscious? And, how to come out of THE PAIN.

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