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Life in its purest form is simple and uncomplicated. But instead of living an unrestrained, unencumbered, and free life, many end up complicating their lives with their own set of ‘truths,’ beliefs, and meanings.

But, when we demystify life with profound yet straightforward distinctions, we suddenly begin to realize that each one of us has the power to be something beyond ordinary.

By working on a few must-possess traits, we begin to draw the power to cause breakthroughs in areas we never thought possible earlier. The noblest of pursuits for anyone would be to apply these six distinctions of personal mastery, thereby transforming ourselves and the lives connected to us.

The book is divided into two sections. The first one deals with six stellar breakthroughs participants have had in our workshops spanning over two decades now. All the breakthroughs are actual participant discoveries that life’s most complex things can be uncomplicated by choosing what to work on, what to delegate and, what to overlook.

The second section is about three actual seminar insights captured as my response to the topic and questions asked in the events. The final breakthrough the book wraps up with is mine, the authors.

About Rajesh Murthy (Author) Rajesh Murthy is a corporate trainer and a business consultant having more than 22 years of real-time industry experience. He works with clients to support their mission, vision & propel their employees and organization performance through training and strategy support. Rajesh Murthy is qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from The Bangalore University, India and a Post-Graduation in Human Resources and Quality Management. He is a corporate trainer and a strategist of International repute.

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