We Are Born Lovers

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“I had written a book that might have had preaching lessons or motivational theories but you know what! I have never wanted to because you have an unlimited access to internet to find them anytime and every third person in your life is a motivational speaker and I personally hate, yup, I am with you, I know they are boring, they are hard to remember. Rather, I think, we, as humans, love stories and remember more from stories and if the stories are real we feel better because they show us a path, give us a lot of hopes and undying faith in ourselves. I have carefully chosen the readers’ demographics between 11 yrs to 25 yrs. You, as a reader, are my thoughtful choice because this is the age when we have the most of the energy and passion, have a fearless and go-getter spirit. This is when we have most of our questions related to life and its niceties. Between this age span, we not only get a gush of hormones, changes in our physical body, to have accelerated learning and ideas for careers, an exposure to a cluster of relationships and our strong emotions but also have a deafening question of our very existence. None of my stories are a cook-up, rather they are the ones those made me a better person, those I have lived and I am living and being grateful for. I am curiously waiting when my son would discover his passion, wishing this book would prove to be a catalyst in his discovery. “

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